About Reil Ranch


In 2012 Tyler’s uncle gave him four longhorn cows to raise roping calves. After being given the cattle, Tyler began to search for a bull to use and found a local registered longhorn herd. The breeder took Tyler under his wing and brought him to his first longhorn sale and began introducing him to the world of registered longhorn breeding. After studying countless pedigrees, Tyler’s passion for the breed began and he started buying registered longhorns and culling out the un-registered. Along with raising registered longhorns Tyler decided he needed to diversify himself a bit, so he began crop farming and purchased 12 Angus cattle to add to the farm. 


In 2017 Tyler married his wife Taylor, and in 2019 their son Westin was born. Later that year Greg Lohan, Taylor’s father, became intrigued with the health benefits that grass-fed beef provides and the efficiency of our cattle. He and his wife, Leanne, decided to join our adventure and purchased more Angus. Tyler and Taylor raise and care for the cattle through a cow-calf-pair lease agreement with Greg, right here on our farm in Wilmot. 

Each member of our family has a unique role that brings incredible value to our operation. Tyler, who graduated from Lake Area Technical Institute with an agriculture production degree, carries out the day to day operations of the farm. Taylor, who graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in graphic design and advertising, manages the website, marketing and helps with deliveries and day to day farm management.  Greg, who comes from a business management and sales background, can be found researching new and innovative ways to improve our operation, helping work the cattle, and is a friendly face you’ll see along delivery routes.  Mike, Tyler’s Dad, is another crutial family member as he is always willing to lend a hand working cattle and fixing equipment (perks of your dad being a mechanic). As for Westin, he can be found cuddling with the newborn calves to help keep them warm, chasing the kittens around the farm or greeting you with a big smile and a “hiiiii” as we deliver your order. We are so thankful for our family who make this dream of ours a reality! 

Here at Reil Ranch our values are rooted in Jesus Christ. In all that we do we seek to glorify Him, in our personal life and in our business.  
We look forward to the opportunity to supply you and your family with lean, grass-fed beef or just share our love of cattle with you!