I'm paying for someone's beef this year...

Yep. You read that right! I seriously love this community so much and am honored that you choose my family to provide yours with beef!

I've been thinking about ways I can thank you for choosing us to be your farmers and decided that filling your freezer with more of our delicious grass fed and grass finished beef is the best way I can do that. 

Sooooo, this year... if you claim a 2023 Spring Bulk Beef Share with us you'll be automatically entered to win our SPRING BULK BEEF GIVEAWAY!

Here's What You'll Win: FREE 1/8 BEEF SHARE ($700 VALUE)

That's right, I am paying for you to receive an entire eighth beef share from one of our fall deposits (you can choose the delivery timeline that works best for you!).

That's 44 pounds of beef FOR FREE!
(I'm also covering the shipping costs! (Additional $150+ Value)) 

How To Enter:
It really couldn't be easier to enter. Simply, claim a 2023 spring bulk beef share (any size) and you'll automatically be entered to win! If you already claimed a share through our Early Bird offer, you'll be automatically entered :) 
Here's the details: 
1. The bigger bundle you choose, the more entries you'll get.
Mini Share = 1 entry
1/8 Share = 2 entries
1/4 Share = 4 entries
1/2 Share = 6 entries
Whole Share = 8 entries

2. If you claim your beef share the week deposits open (or have already claimed your Spring beef through the early bird special offer), you'll automatically get an extra TEN entries!

The winner will be chosen after Spring Bulk Beef Share deposits close.  I cannot wait to gift someone with this free box of beef!
December 06, 2022 — Reil Ranch