Why Claim a Reil Ranch Beef Share?

1. Connect yourself directly to your food (and farmer)
Gone are the days of confusing or misleading labels from grocery store beef. Reil Ranch beef allows you to be connected to a real family and a real farm that is transparent and open about the entire process.

2. Lock in your beef prices for the entire year
Beef inflation does NOT have to be a part of your upcoming year! Lock in your
price today by securing your bulk beef share.

3. Commit to a healthier lifestyle
Choosing to fill your freezer with a Reil Ranch 100% grass fed and grass finished beef share makes it easy to consistently choose healthy, nutrient dense meals. 

4. Get peace of mind through food security, knowing you're not fully dependent on the unstable food supply chain
There's never been a better time to have a mini "freezer section" in your home. Not only is it convenient but it will give you peace of mind knowing that you're not fully dependent on the unstable food supply chain. 

5. The BEST eating experience + support regenerative agriculture 
Our cattle are regeneratively raised on healthy soils which directly affects the quality of our beef. You'll enjoy beef that's better for you and the land AND it'll be the best eating experience you've ever had.  

This is huge. It's no secret that shipping extra-large boxes of heavy, frozen beef is very expensive. (It costs us on average $110 per box to ship). We've seen increases in carrier fees and dry ice prices have tripled over the last year. So be sure to take advantage of the FREE shipping offer while it lasts! 

7. 100% Shipping Guarantee
We routinely ship our frozen beef to families across the United States. Just in the past year, we shipped over 175 bulk beef shares. We completely understand that there might be some hesitation or nervousness about shipping your beef share so we created our Shipping Guarantee. Our shipping guarantee is simple: Your beef arrives safe or we completely refund you or send you new product on us!

8. It's Easy and Convenient
Buying beef straight from the farmer shouldn't be complicated. We've simplified the process, making it easy, straight forward and keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

You can view the Bulk Beef Share options, here.

December 06, 2022 — Reil Ranch