Spring 2024 Bulk Beef Shares Open: February 20th at 7am (CST)

Become a Bulk Beef Expert

It's my goal to make you the most educated consumer in the world, so you can enjoy 100% confidence in the food you're feeding your family.

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How Bulk Beef Works

We've made bulk beef easy, convenient and fun!

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Spring Bulk Beef Size Options

You get to choose which size share (or portion) of a cow is best for your family. We offer 5 sizes.

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Why Bulk Beef?

Learn why hundreds of families are switching to this "old fashioned" way of buying beef!

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Shipping Your Beef Share

Here's a list of the most common questions and answers regarding shipping your bulk beef share.

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$1000 Pure Ceramic Cookware Giveaway

When you place your Spring bulk beef deposit, you’ll be automatically entered to win this HUGE prize! ($1,000+ value)

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Choose Your FREE Gift with Every Purchase

Choose between three of our favorite kitchen essentials as a gift from our family to yours to support you on your journey to real, delicious, whole food, home-cooked meals.

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Community Coordinator Program

Becoming a Whole Beef Community Coordinator means you can easily split a whole cow (at whole cow pricing) with your family and friends, while we take the headache out of being the middle man. You can get as little as an 1/8 beef at whole beef price.

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Safe Delivery Guarantee

Worried about shipping frozen beef? Not anymore! We've completely removed the risk.

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Bulk Beef:

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Connect yourself directly to your food (and your farmer)

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Provide your family with a constant source of nutritious meals

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Receive peace of mind through food security

Skincare Beauty Product Features Instagram Post (1).png__PID:8aa90735-9589-4e31-afa5-ca055a42f9cb

Enjoy 100% confidence in the food you’re feeding your family

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Beef raised right is better for you, the cows & the planet

How Bulk Beef Works:

Step #1 - Place Your Deposit (Deposits open February 20th at 7am CST)

Pick your bulk beef share size (mini, eighth, quarter, half or whole) and place your deposit. Placing a deposit tells us to hold that amount of beef specifically for you.

After you place your deposit, you’re guaranteed a share from our spring harvest! You’ll receive an email confirmation automatically, but then within a week we’ll also personally email you to give you a little bit more details about what you can expect going forward.

While you wait for your processing date, I’ll do my best to give you real time updates on the herd in my weekly newsletter.

Step #2 - Pay your remaining balance

On your scheduled date, the cattle will be brought to our local processor, where the expert butchers will begin processing your beef (this usually takes 2-3 weeks). On that date, we’ll also email you an invoice to collect your share’s remaining balance.

Step #3 - Schedule your beef's shipping date

Once your beef is ready (3-4 weeks after your selected processing date) we’ll reach out to schedule your beef’s shipping date.

Step #4 - Your beef is delivered & you enjoy!

We will ship your beef to your door and you’ll enjoy a freezer full of nutrient dense, delicious beef!