Meet Our Farm Partners

Our family values knowing where food was raised, who it was raised by and how it was raised. We also treasure having the ability to connect folks directly to their farmers.  With that being said, our small, family farm can only produce so much beef each year and we hated turning people away to go buy their beef at the grocery store due to sold out inventory (especially when we have trusted neighbors and friends raising cattle exactly like we are). So, we decided to partner with other local farms to continue connecting folks to their food source and providing quality beef from small family farms. 

Each farm that we partner with will meet ALL of the standards we practice. 

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Meet Bruce

Grover, SD

Bruce and his wife are retired from the U.S. Air Force and currently raise a handful of grass-fed/finished cattle for their family and friends near where he grew up. They live a couple towns over from ours and are setting a high standard for regeneratively raised livestock. As young producers, we are excited to have been introduced to Bruce, as we know he will be a key mentor to us as we continue to learn and implement more regenerative practices to our own operation. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with him.

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Meet Caleb

Jamestown, ND

Caleb and his wife have become dear friends to our family. I (Taylor) often joke that Tyler talks to Caleb on the phone more than he talks to me. ;) You can always find those two chatting about holistic management strategies and how to implement regenerative practices. Our family had the privilege to spend an evening at their home recently and enjoyed touring their operation and seeing their cattle and pastures. We are thrilled to be partnering with them this year!