30 Pound Variety Box

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Limited Amount Available! We undersold our Spring bulk beef just to make sure we didn't oversell- so now we have a couple of these PERFECT sized variety bundles on hand and ready to ship right now! 

Enjoy 30 pounds of a wide variety of cuts delivered straight to your doorstep!

This is a great bundle to sample a little bit of everything we offer and get a taste for what our bulk beef bundles are like on a smaller scale!

This bundle includes:
+ 3 Roasts
+ 4 Soup Bones
+ 1 Stew Meat Package
+ 1 Short Rib Package
+ 2 NY Strip Steaks
+ 3 Ribeye Steaks
+ 8-10 pounds of ground beef 



    Hear what others are saying about our beef:

    "I gotta tell ya we have been ordering meat from {another company} for a couple years now. I recently found you guys and got some ground beef to try. After cooking with it the first time my husband kept asking what was different. I told him its the beef I ordered from Reil Ranch and he said "Hands Down WAY better than the ground beef we buy from {another company}!" So we are hooked! And just LOVE what you guys are doing, thank you! It is so amazing how hard it is to get quality clean meat nowadays. So again, thank you for all that your family is doing. "

    -Cathy F. Costa Mesa, CA


    "We found your beef to be amazing. My husband grew up in the farm-country of Wisconsin and so he's pretty particular when it comes to beef. He wanted me to tell you it was amazing."

    -Torrie K. Jacksonville, FL


     "Thank you for the great hamburger, it is the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten."

    -John W, Brookings SD 

    Shipping Information: We ship orders on Mondays and it will arrive within 3 business days. Look at the top of our website for our upcoming shipping dates or in our weekly newsletter. 

    Packaging: All cuts are individually wrapped and labeled. It will be packed in Reil Ranch insulated boxes with dry ice to keep it safely frozen during transit.