Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)
Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)
Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)
Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)
Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)
Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)
Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)
Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)

The Beginner Bulk Beef Box Includes:

✅  20 pounds of 100% grass fed and grass finished beef ($420 value)

FREE $50 gift card for your next purchase (not redeemable on this bulk beef share deposit or remaining balance) ($50 value)

✅  BONUS - FREE Shipping nationwide ($110 Value)

✅  BONUS - 100% Shipping Guarantee: Your beef arrives safe or we completely refund you/send you new product. (Priceless)

✅ BONUS - Endless, nutrient rich and delicious meal possibilities!

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"They're producing beef that is nutrient dense and truly supportive of our health - it's medicinal!"


Beginner Bulk Beef Box (Deposit)


THE BEST BEEF BOX to ditch the mystery meat from the grocery store and say hello to high quality, nourishing beef raised by a family you can know and trust!

These beef boxes will be ready to ship to door as soon as January 8th!

This Beginner Bulk Beef Box will include 20 pounds of 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. This bundle lets you tiptoe into trying Reil Ranch beef. You'll get to sample many of our highly raved about cuts before committing to a larger share, but just a warning... you'll wish you ordered more! ;) 

Total Cost: $420
Deposit Due Today: $100
Due at Fulfillment: $320 

Join hundreds of other happy and well nourished families in our "Bulk Beef Club" 

100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished

Humanely Raised on Open Pastures

No Added Hormones or Unnecessary Antibiotics 

Raised by Farmers you can Trust

What's Included:

Our Beginner Bulk Beef Box is roughly 20 pounds of delicious, nutrient rich protein that your entire household will love (and you'll feel good about eating)!

Because these boxes are basically a 1/16 of an entire cow - the cuts and quantity will vary but they will always be a minimum of 20lbs with the ratios of cuts below. Here's an example box below of what you can expect.

About 40% Ground Beef

+ 7-8 lbs of individually packaged ground beef

About 40% Savory Cuts

+ 1-2 Roasts (Round, Chuck and Arm)
+ 1 Shank Packages (Soup Bones)
+ 1 Stew Meat Packages
+ 1 of the following: Brisket, Short Ribs, Flank or Skirt Steak

About 20% Steaks

+ 1 Sirloin
+ 1 Ribeye
+ 1 Filet Mignon
+ 1 New York Strip
+ 1 Sirloin Tip

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Here's How Bulk Beef Works:

Step 1 - Reserve your beef

Reserve your Beginner Beef Box beef by placing a non-refundable deposit of $100.  After your deposit is paid, we’ll personally email you to confirm your deposit.

Step 2 - Your Beef Is Processed & Delivery Is Scheduled

Our local, family owned butcher will dry age your beef for aprox. 14 days before they cut, package and freeze your beef.

Once packed, frozen and delivered to our warehouse, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance due ($320) and confirm you will be home to receive your beef on your scheduled shipping date. (We're always flexible and work with you to select your beef's shipping date!)

Your beef will be ready to ship on or after Jaunary 8th

Step 3 - Your Beef Is Delivered

Your beef will be delivered via UPS in a heavily insulated box, packed with dry ice.

After it arrives, you'll be able to happily enjoy delicious and nutricious beef

Hear What Others are Saying:


Raised by Real Farmers

We're Tyler & Taylor Reil, a husband and wife team that's excited to have the opportunity to send beef your way this year.  

Our family is passionate about connecting folks back to their food source. We believe in the power of real, nutrient dense, nourishing food and we're so thankful to have the opportunity to provide you with beef you can feel good about eating. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This bundle will easily fit in a standard fridge-freezer.