Fall 1/8 Beef Share (Deposit)

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Enjoy 35-45 lbs of FRESHLY PROCESSED, delicious, grass-fed goodness with this 1/8 beef share.

Non-Refundable Deposit of $200
Total Cost is aprox. $560 to $720 (depending on size of your animal)


*Price includes Processing Fees

FREE SHIPPING! ($80+ value)

100% Shipping guarantee: Your beef arrives safely, frozen or we completely refund you or send you new product on us!

Investing in an 1/8 beef share allows you to enjoy a stocked freezer of nutrient dense beef, without taking up too much space.

Processing Date: August/September (First orders in are the first orders out)

**Will be ready to ship 3-4 weeks after your processing date. These orders will ship in September, October or early November. We will email you your scheduled processing date after you place your deposit so you can plan for it. We always reach out to let you schedule your shipping date when your beef is ready to make sure you'll be home :) 

Our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef will allow you and your family to eat confidently, knowing your beef has been raised right by a local, trusted family farm. Not only does our beef provide peace of mind, it is delicious and full of flavor!


Below is an example of an average 1/8 beef bundle. Size and quantity of cuts will vary based upon size of your specific animal.

Example Bundle Includes:

About 40% ground beef

  • 16 lbs of individually packaged ground beef

About 35% Savory Cuts

  • 3 Roasts (Round, Chuck and Arm)

  • 2 Shank Packages (Soup Bones)

  • 2 Stew Meat Packages

  • 1 of the following: Brisket, Back Ribs or Short Ribs

About 25% Steaks

  • 2 Sirloin Tip

  • 2 Sirloin

  • 2 Ribeye

  • 2 Filet Mignon

  • 3 New York Strip

  • 1 of the following: Flank, Skirt or Tri-Tip



Step 1: Reserve your beef for our August or September locker date by placing a small non-refundable deposit

Step 2: After your deposit is paid, we’ll personally email you to confirm your deposit. Up until your beef is delivered to your doorsteps, we’ll keep you notified and updated every step of the way- giving you updates on what stage of the process your beef is in. 

Step 3: Your beef will continue to be raised using high quality practices to achieve the healthiest and tastiest beef. 

Step 4: At your scheduled harvest time, we’ll hand pick your beef and take it to an amazing, family owned USDA processor. Our craft butchers will dry age your beef for at least 14 days before they cut, package and freeze your beef. 

Step 5: Once packed, frozen and delivered to our warehouse, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance due and confirm you will be home to receive it on your scheduled shipping date. You will receive your beef 3-4 weeks after the scheduled processing date. 

That's it! You're ready to support regenerative ranching and enjoy family raised grass-fed and finished beef! 



This bundle will easily fit in a standard fridge-freezer. A 2 cubic foot freezer would be plenty for this bundle.


"Every single interaction that you and your company has been just wonderful. From the handwritten note to the call for following up to make sure my delivery and beef was up to my satisfaction had been amazing and so refreshing. It is greatly appreciated and so impressive. You and your family and team should be very proud of what you are trying to accomplish! The beef is delicious and I can definitely tell it’s a quality product and that you all are doing things right! Thank you so much for everything that you do! "

-Pamela S. Simi Valley, CA


"This is the best beef we have ordered to date - producer delivered- nice cuts, great flavor. Ordered ½ in June and loaded up the freezer. We are very pleased."

-Lisa T, Watertown SD


"I gotta tell ya we have been ordering meat from {Another Company} for a couple years now. I recently found you guys and got some ground beef to try. After cooking with it the first time my husband kept asking what was different. I told him its the beef I ordered from Reil Ranch and he said "Hands Down WAY better than the ground beef we buy from {Another Company}!" So we are hooked! And just LOVE what you guys are doing, thank you! It is so amazing how hard it is to get quality clean meat nowadays. So again, thank you for all that your family is doing. "

-Cathy F. Costa Mesa, CA


"I just want to tell you this meat is amazing. I made a pot roast today the meat was so tender. This is the best we have ever had. Thank you."

-Debra R, Redfield SD


"We found your beef to be amazing. My husband grew up in the farm-country of Wisconsin and so he's pretty particular when it comes to beef. He wanted me to tell you it was amazing."
-Torrie K. Jacksonville, FL


"Reil Beef has been a HUGE blessing to our family.  We have multiple and severe allergies, which makes finding safe foods difficult.  We had been without beef for about 9 months (and had been searching), when I came upon an ad for Reil Beef. From the first time I spoke with Tyler, I found him to be understanding and very helpful!  Taylor has also been a gem to work with.  They go above and beyond to provide a great product.  Our family is happily, once again eating beef.  My kids say “this the BEST” beef they have ever had, every time they eat it.  Thank you Reil Beef for providing safe food and for your awesome service!"

-Andrea E, Madison SD