Ready to become a Whole Beef Community Coordinator?
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By signing up for this program you are committing to a whole beef. If you're unable to fulfill the whole beef share with your friends and family, you are responsible for the remaining balance.

Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit
Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit
Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit
Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit
Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit
Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit
Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit
Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit

Spring 2024 Community Coordinator Sign up & Deposit


Split a Whole Cow with Friends & Family

Becoming a Whole Beef Community Coordinator means you can easily split a whole cow (at whole cow pricing) with your family and friends, while we take the headache out of being the middle man. You can get as little as an 1/8 beef at whole beef price.

How the Whole Beef Community Coordinator Program Works:

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Step #1 - Place Your Deposit & Sign up to be a Community Coordinator

Sign Up to be a Community Whole Beef Coordinator by placing your personal bulk beef share deposit through this page.

Step #2 - Share your custom link with your friends and family

After you sign up to become a Community Coordinator, within 48 hours, we will send you a private link that you can easily share with your friends and family so they can claim the remaining beef shares.

In the same email, we'll also let you know your processing date. (Community Coordinator dates are first come first serve)

Your friends and family will then place their deposits indivdually (through the link you send them). Your "beef buddies" can select as many eighth beef boxes as they want, all while everyone receives the whole beef price! (a savings of at least $88 per box)
**Make sure your family/friends order through your custom link to recieve whole beef pricing!

Step #3 - Pay your remaining balance & schedule your shipping date

On your beef's processing date - we'll send you and your beef buddies your individual invoices for the remaining balances of your bulk beef shares. About 3 weeks after that date, when your beef is ready, we'll reach out to schedule a shipping date that works best for you!

Step #4 - Enjoy your beef at the BEST price

When your beef is ready, everyone is shipped their beef right to their door (no more dividing out the boxes to split a whole beef share).

Pricing for Community Coordinator & "Beef Buddies"

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Eighth Beef (44 lbs)

Deposit due upfront: $200
Total cost: $726 ($88 savings)
Due at fulfillment: $526

Website Product Photos (37).png__PID:c85fd953-32da-4330-9718-0d04399ed5ed

Quarter Beef (88 lbs)

Deposit due upfront: $400
Total cost: $1452 ($132 savings)
Due at fulfillment: $1052

Website Product Photos (38).png__PID:00c85fd9-5332-4a63-b017-180d04399ed5

Half Beef (176 lbs)

Deposit due upfront: $800
Total cost: $2904 ($176 savings)
Due at fulfillment: $2104

Bonuses of Becoming a Whole Beef Community Coordinator:

Skincare Beauty Product Features Instagram Post (1).png__PID:8aa90735-9589-4e31-afa5-ca055a42f9cb

Save $$$ and enjoy your beef at whole beef pricing

Skincare Beauty Product Features Instagram Post (1).png__PID:8aa90735-9589-4e31-afa5-ca055a42f9cb

Become the HERO of your family and friends

Skincare Beauty Product Features Instagram Post (1).png__PID:8aa90735-9589-4e31-afa5-ca055a42f9cb

Better changes at our $1000 pure ceramic cookware giveaway

Skincare Beauty Product Features Instagram Post (1).png__PID:8aa90735-9589-4e31-afa5-ca055a42f9cb

Enjoy easy and free shipping and fufillment

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100% Safe Delivery Guarantee

Worried about shipping frozen beef? Not anymore! We've completely removed the risk.

We're so confident we can ship your beef safely to your door, we've created our 100% Safe Delivery Guarantee. 

Our guarantee is simple. Your beef arrives safe or we completely refund you or send you new product on us!

Your order will arrive, delivered by UPS, in a Reil Ranch box, safely packaged in heavy insulation. Your box will be packed with extra dry ice to ensure it stays frozen for several days. 

Hear What Others Are Saying:


Real farmers who care about your health, the cattle and the land.

We’re a family that’s passionate about connecting people back to their food source. We believe in the power of real, nutrient dense, nourishing food and we're so thankful for the opportunity to connect you directly to your food and your farmer. 

$1000+ Healthy Home Cookware Giveaway!

You care about providing the cleanest and healthiest meat for your family and you’re choosing to say YES to safe and trusted beef... Now, we want to give you peace of mind with safe, reliable cookware that you can count on to make wholesome, healthy and delicious meals for your family for years to come.

Conventional non-stick coatings can reveal harmful metals into the natural flavors of your food, altering the dish and how it nourishes your body. Xtrema cookware will give you peace of mind as you enjoy the ease of wholesome cooking through the oldest and purest methods with their 100% pure ceramic cookware.

When you place your Spring bulk beef deposit, you’ll be automatically entered to win this HUGE prize! ($1,000 value)

Eighth Deposit = 2 entries
Quarter Deposit = 3 entries
Half Deposit = 4 entries

BONUS: EXTRA 5 entries just for being a Community Coordinator!

Order the first day for triple entries! Order within the first three days for double entries.

What's Included:


11” Signature Skillet


10-Quart Round Dutch Oven


12” Versa Pan with Lid


5.5” Versa Pot with Lid

The giveaway ends March 26th at 11:59. The winner will be announced after deposits close. The winner will receive their cookware when they pay their remaining bulk beef balance. If the order is canceled, we will select a new winner.

Gift #1: Choose Your FREE Gift

Choose one of our three favorite kitchen essentials as a gift from our family to yours to support you on your journey to real, delicious, whole food, home-cooked meals. The most important part of eating whole food meals is choosing high quality ingredients, but the tools we use can also have a huge impact on how healthy our food is.

So, this year with every spring bulk beef purchase, you can choose one of these gifts to help you create the healthy home you desire!

Option #1


Meat Thermometer

Never loose valuable nutrients or flavor from an over-done steak again! With this meat thermometer you can cook the perfect steak for your family, every time!

Option #2

Gray and Cream Modern Elegant Glasses Giveaway Instagram Post.png__PID:497b78c0-8d67-476a-bf8c-0ce54a374565

Bamboo Cutting Board

Ready for the best (and arguably the healthiest) cutting board you’ve ever had!? Bamboo is a hard and durable material, making it less prone to scratches and knife marks, plus it’s denser and less likely to absorb bacteria compared to plastic or other wood boards. 

Option #3


Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set

Why bamboo cooking utensils? It doesn't scratch your cooking surfaces, it’s heat-resistant and anti-microbial. Win, win, win!

Gift #2: Your Guide to Simple, Nourishing Beef Recipes

Order by March 5th at 11:59pm (CST) to claim this gift!

Back to the Basics with Beef Image (1).png__PID:a0f6e36c-5a4f-4f11-b394-f6b498686829

Cooking simple, real food meals for your family doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. We’ve compiled our family’s favorite, whole food recipes to help you confidently cook every cut of beef included in your beef share this year.

Order by March 5th at 11:59pm (CST) to claim this bonus!
We’ll email you this printable PDF for FREE, at the time of your bulk beef shipment, as a thank you for placing your deposit within the first two weeks!

Even More Bonuses!

  • FREE Shipping ($90 value per box)
  • 100% Safe Delivery Guarantee
  • 24/7 Rancher Support
  • First Choice at Organ Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Questions:

As you can imagine, shipping heavy, frozen beef is not cheap. But for right now, we’re covering the shipping fees completely on all bulk beef shares. 

That's right, this box includes FREE shipping nationwide! ($90 savings)

Bulk Beef Questions:

Every bulk beef share, ordered before March 5th at midnight, will receive a FREE “Cooking Through Your Beef Share Guide” that’s packed with recipes and helpful cooking tips for EVERY cut, so you can enjoy every last pound, including the cuts you’re not as familiar with!

General Questions:

Yes! Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. They spend their entire lives out on pasture grazing and are never given any grain.

Have another question?

Send us an email at or call/text Tyler at 605-949-3834.