Wholesome Life Beef Box

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Have you been searching for high quality, family raised, nourishing, 100% grass fed AND finished beef!? (your search is over!)

This beef box is for you (at our special, new customer only pricing!) 

When you order your Wholesome Life Beef Box today, you'll receive 10 pounds of beef, including...

✅ 2 Steaks (Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin or Sirloin)
✅ 1 Roast (Chuck, Arm or Round)
✅ 1-2 Savory Cuts (Sirloin Tip Steak, Stew Meat, Short Rib, Skirt Steak, Flank Steak, Brisket, Tri-Tip or Soup Bone)
✅ 3 lbs of ground beef (Individually packaged; 1 pound each)
✅ Free Shipping ($80 value)
✅ 100% Safe Shipping Guarantee (Your beef arrives safe or it's on us)

All backed by our 100% Safe Shipping Guarantee! 
(Your beef arrives safe or it's on us!)

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