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Why Buy Reil Ranch Bulk Beef?


You support a small, family farm who values sustainable ranching and regenerative agriculture


You save money on the best quality grass-fed beef by buying your beef in bulk


You enjoy safe & healthy beef delivered to your door and a freezer full of nutrient dense beef

How to Reserve Your Spring Beef?

We make buying bulk beef easy and enjoyable!

1. Choose between an Eighth Beef (35-50 lbs), Quarter Beef (75-100 lbs) Half Beef (150-200 lbs) or a Whole Beef (300-400 lbs)

2. Place a deposit of about 50% to reserve your beef and help us get it fattened up for you!

3. We continue to raise your animal to be the healthiest and tastiest beef it can be, while keeping you updated throughout the entire process.

4. Your beef will be ready starting in May through June (first come, first serve basis).

5. We will contact you via email to notify you when your beef is ready to confirm it's shipping date and you pay the remaining balance when it's ready to ship!

Reserve Your Beef!

Choose Your Perfect Size!

Eighth Beef (35-50 lbs.)

$200 Deposit

Investing in an 1/8 beef share allows you to enjoy a stocked freezer of nutrient dense beef, without taking up too much space. It's a great bundle if you're new to grass-fed and want to see what the hype is all about!

Quarter Beef (75-100 lbs.)

$400 Deposit

This Quarter Beef is a great fit to keep a family of two eating beef for about a year or a young/small family for half a year. You'll enjoy the wide assortment of cuts and having a freezer full of amazing beef is the best!

Half Beef (150-200 lbs)

$800 Deposit

Our Half Beef Bundle can keep a family eating beef for about a year! In this beef bundle you'll get every cut your animal has to offer! Our 100% grass-fed beef will allow your family to eat confidently all year long!

Whole Beef (300-400 lbs)

$1500 Deposit

Investing in a whole beef share allows you to enjoy a stocked freezer of nutrient dense beef at the best price! Sharing a whole beef with family and friends is a great way to save! Be sure to check out our Whole Beef Community Coordinator program!

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Want to try a smaller bundle first? Check out these best sellers!

Medium Ground Beef Box (20lbs)
Medium Ground Beef Box (20lbs)

Medium Ground Beef Box (20lbs)

Large Ground Beef Box (30lbs)
Large Ground Beef Box (30lbs)

Large Ground Beef Box (30lbs)

Sample It Bundle
Sample It Bundle

Sample It Bundle

Our mission is to glorify God by providing beef
that's healthy, helps others and heals our land.

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