Providing Beef you can Trust &
Feel Confident Feeding your Family

Grass Fed & Finished.  Regeneratively Raised.  Shipped to Your Door.

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If you've been searching for a way to...

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Connect yourself directly to your food (and your farmer)

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Provide your family with a constant source of nutritious meals

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Receive peace of mind through food security

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Enjoy 100% confidence in the food you’re feeding your family

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Consume beef that's raised in a way that's better for you, the cows & the planet

...welcome to Reil Ranch!


Hi, we're the Reils. Real farmers who care about your health, the cattle and the land.

We’re a family that’s passionate about connecting people back to their food source. We believe in the power of real, nutrient dense, nourishing food and we're so thankful for the opportunity to connect you directly to your food and your farmer. 

What makes Reil Ranch beef different...


100% Grass Fed AND Grass Finished


Regeneratively Raised on Open Pastures


No Added Hormones or Unnecessary Antibiotics 


Humanely Treated Livestock


Raised by Farmers you can Trust


Ships Frozen, Nationwide, to Your Door

Shop Bulk Beef Shares

Enjoy nourshing your family with nutrient dense beef from farmers who care about your health, the cattle and land.

Mini Beef

$100 (Deposit)

This bundle lets you tiptoe into trying Reil Ranch beef. You'll get to sample many of our highly raved about cuts before committing to a larger share, but just a warning... you'll wish you ordered more! ;) 

Eighth Beef

$200 (Deposit)

This 1/8 beef share is the perfect package for trying out all of our different cuts and it allows you to enjoy a stocked freezer of nutrient dense beef, without the need for an extra freezer.

Quarter Beef

$400 (Deposit)

This is our recommended bundle and heres why: this 1/4 beef share gives you EVERY SINGLE cut we offer and it will stock your freezer with nutrient dense beef for quite awhile! With this package you will enjoy having your own "freezer" section right at home, making meal planning a breeze!

Half Beef

$800 (Deposit)

Can you imagine not having to go to the grocery store to buy beef for the rest of the year!? This is the best investment a busy, health conscious family can make! With this package you will get every single cut of beef we offer, so you will enjoy having a wide variety of meal options at your fingertips.

Whole Beef

$1600 (Deposit)

Go big with our Whole Beef Share! With this package, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of ALWAYS having nourishing 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef in your freezer. No matter the occasion, you'll be prepared with a wide variety of cuts!

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What Others Are Saying:

We're a small, family farm seeking to bring glory to God in all we do. Our mission is to provide people with high quality, nutrient rich beef they can trust and feel confident feeding their family.