"How much does shipping cost?"

As you can imagine, shipping heavy, frozen beef is not cheap. But we hate extra fees as much as you do, so we’re covering the shipping fees completely on all bulk beef shares. That’s right, FREE SHIPPING!


"Do you ship to my location?"

We ship everywhere in the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska.


"How will my beef ship?"

Your order will arrive, delivered by UPS, in a Reil Ranch box, safely packaged in heavy insulation. Your box will be packed with extra dry ice to ensure it stays frozen.


"How do I know when my beef will ship?"

We always reach out to schedule a shipping date that works best for you before we ship your beef share.


"Can I track my shipment?"

You can track your package via UPS.com through the tracking number we send when your order ships.


"Do I have to be home when my beef is delivered?"

No, your box will be left at your door. It will be packed with plenty of dry ice, but we recommend opening it and putting your beef in the freezer as soon as possible.


"What if my order doesn't arrive safe?"

In the event that your beef gets delayed in transit or has any issues we have a 100% Shipping guarantee: Your beef arrives safe or we completely refund you or send you new product on us!


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January 02, 2024 — Reil Ranch