What does it mean to be a Community Coordinator?

Becoming a Whole Beef Community Coordinator means you can easily split a whole cow (at whole cow pricing) with your family and friends, while we take the headache out of being the middle man. You can get as little as an 1/8 beef at whole beef price.


Is our Community Coordinator Program right for you?

1. Do you want to save $88 on your eighth beef box or $132 on your quarter beef boxes!

2. Are you planning to order beef this Spring anyways?

3. Do you have friends or family that would love bulk beef?

4. Do you want to help others get access to nutrient dense beef, raised by family farms?

5. Would you like more chances at our big cookware giveaway AND to lock in your beef early?

If any of these points speaks to you, we highly recommend joining our Community Coordinator program.


Easy fulfillment and shipping:

Our goal is to make getting your beef an easy and smooth process! We’ll ship all of your “beef buddies” boxes straight to their door for FREE!


How it Works: Simple, Easy, and Fun!

Step #1 - Place Your Deposit & Sign up to be a Community Coordinator

Sign Up to be a Community Whole Beef Coordinator by placing your personal bulk beef share deposit through the Community Coordinator tab on our website

Step #2 - Share your custom link with your friends and family

After you sign up to become a Community Coordinator, within 48 hours, we will send you a private link that you can easily share with your friends and family so they can claim the remaining beef shares.

In the same email, we'll also let you know your processing date. (Community Coordinator dates are first come first serve)

Your friends and family will then place their deposits individually (through the link you send them). Your "beef buddies” can select as many eighth beef boxes as they want, all while everyone receives the whole beef price! (a savings of at least $88 per box)

**Make sure your family/friends order through your custom link to receive whole beef pricing!

Step #3 - Pay your remaining balance & schedule your shipping date

On your beef's processing date - we'll send you and your beef buddies your individual invoices for the remaining balances of your bulk beef shares. About 3 weeks after that date, when your beef is ready, we'll reach out to schedule a shipping date that works best for you!

Step #4 - Enjoy your beef at the BEST price

When your beef is ready, everyone is shipped their beef right to their door (no more dividing out the boxes to split a whole beef share


Bonuses for Being a Coordinator

1. Save $$$ - Get your beef at our lowest price! (Save $88-$176)!!

2. Lock in your beef early - Community Coordinators get to reserve their beef before all other deposits go live.

3. Better chances at our giveaway! - Want to win the huge healthy home cookware set? You’ll get an extra 5 entries for each whole beef you sell as a community coordinator.

4. Become the hero to your family and friends - Possibly the BEST bonus of all! You get to connect your loved ones to clean, nutrient rich beef raised by farmers you can trust!


Sign up to be a Community Coordinator HERE!

January 03, 2024 — Reil Ranch